Tamahaac Club History

The Tamahaac is a private social club, rich in history and tradition. Founded in 1912 by Hamilton`s business and community leaders, it opened on May 21, 1914 with a gala ball.

Over the past century, the Club has hosted countless events for members and guests and has been the site of many special events attended by distinguished visitors.

Magnificent trees in front of the clubhouse bear witness. His Royal Highness, (Edward) The Prince of Wales, the Duke of Devonshire, (Governor General Victor Cavendish), Lord Byng of Vimy, (Governor General Julian Byng), and Viscount Willingdon, (Governor General Freeman Freeman-Thomas), all planted commemorative tress that still stand today.

Through the decades, generations of members - including descendants of our founders - have invested their energy and creativity in sustaining the Tamahaac's reputation as a vibrant, club that moves with the times but is always respectful of the traditions and values upon which we were founded.

Address180 Filman Rd, Ancaster, ON L9G 3K9

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