Try the Tamahaac Club for 1 year with no Initiation Fee during this time and only pay the Dues.

Set high on the escarpment, the Tamahaac Club provides a unique environment for your family and friends. Here you can enjoy the natural surroundings of trees and trails, unwind from the hustle and bustle, play and participate in activities and social events and create lasting memories and relationships.

An Associate Trial Membership is a great opportunity to try out a wonderful traditional Club without a large financial commitment.

Why Join?

We offer one-of-a-kind social, dining, sports, and outdoor experiences treasured by members of all ages and backgrounds. While we all have our own reasons to belong, the reason most often given is the chance to form new and lasting friendships. Our Club specializes in helping all new members feel part of the inner circle quickly.

Dining and Entertainment

Throughout the year, our Chef offers a variety of dining experiences. Our House Committee plans numerous events, including lunch and lectures, concerts, dances, collectible car displays, tasting evenings, children's Christmas parties and the New Year's gala where well-prepared foods mix with lively conversation in a relaxed atmosphere. Our popular Wednesday dinners and Friday night pub nights provides the perfect launching point for new members to socialize.


When you become a member, all 70 acres of our grounds including the picturesque views of the Dundas Valley and beyond are yours to enjoy for hiking, picnics and games. Our annual fall walk-about, summer barbecues, and the annual salmon and strawberry social keep us connected to the natural beauty of our surroundings.


Our courts are available on a first-come, first serve basis except on Tuesday evening when the Club hosts drop-in men's doubles and Thursday evening when we host mixed doubles. The Club provides a self-serve barbecue so bring your racquet, your favourite beverage and your love of the game. Closing and opening dinners with prizes and mid-season "coupes" encourage teamwork (as well as friendly competition.)

Skeet Shooting

From October to April, our licensed range is open on Wednesday mornings for women's skeet shooting, Wednesday afternoons for mixed skeet shooting and all day Saturday for men's skeet shooting. We also host family and special shooting events and compete for coveted annual prizes. For those new to the sport, we provide instruction and assistance in attaining your firearms possession and acquisition license.


Our vibrant bridge section meets twice a month on Tuesday evenings for camaraderie and enjoyment of a game led by an expert bridge master. Euchre is also another Club staple.

Accommodations and Hosted Parties

The Club is available to members to use for weddings and business events at a reduced rate. We also have bedrooms on the third floor for overnight accommodations.

Membership Categories

The Tamahaac has always prided itself on being financially accessible.

To ensure that those who wish to join can do so, we offer different membership categories. Of note, we do not require members in any category to maintain a minimum annual level of spending on dining. Members pay the same semi-annual dues of $1350. Associate Provisional Members (until the age of 40) and out of town members pay half this amount.

Associate Memberships

Most members qualify in this category. The one-time fee to join is $5000. It is most often paid in a lump sum, but payment options are available. For those age 65 years of age and older, the one-time fee to join is $1500. For those between 60 and 65, the fee to join decreases from $4300 at age 60 down to $1500 at age 65.

Immediate family members of any age may join at a reduced, one-time rate of $2500. These individuals pay the normal annual dues unless they are under 40 or are an out of town member.

Associate Provisional Memberships

We created this category to enable young people to join at a reduced, one-time rate of $2500. This category is only available to those under the age of 40.

Trial Memberships

For those who want to experience the Club first hand but are not sure they want to commit to a full membership, we created trial memberships. For one full year, trial members can experience all that we have to offer by paying only the applicable dues.

Out-of-Town Memberships

Those residing more than 80 kilometers from the Club are eligible to join for a one-time fee of $2500.

How to Join?

Membership is by invitation. If you are interested, please speak to the Club Manager at 905-648-4424 and she will introduce you to one of our Governors.

What Else Is Important?

The Club is not-for-profit and operates with a volunteer Board of Governors and Management Committee.

The Club has approximately 170 members.

The Club has reinvested over one million dollars in its facilities over the past five years and is engaged in a long-term capital investment plan.

The Club publishes a monthly events' calendar and has a member portal on its website at

The Club's dress code requires a jacket and tie for gentlemen at most events, but there are notable exceptions during the summer and on Fridays.

The Club welcomes the engagement of member-volunteers on the House and Grounds Committees and in the tennis, shooting and bridge sections.

based on 2018 fees

Address180 Filman Rd, Ancaster, ON L9G 3K9

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